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At Which Wich, not only do we make a superior sandwich, we offer a superior support system for our franchisees.

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  • Leena Khurana Franchisee Since 2012 "Which Wich has been A Dream Come True For Me. It’s given me the chance to work with people and make a difference – it’s really what I wanted to do. It began from the time I walked in the store and met (Founder) Jeff Sinelli. He’s involved with his Brand and with franchisees. From day one, that was the catch for me."
  • Gary Birnberg Franchisee Since 2007 "People get excited every time we build a store. My general contractors tell me that people stop in when they see the Coming Soon sign and beg for it to open. When I opened my first Which Wich 7 years ago, I remember there were some girls banging on our doors before we opened yelling "We Love Which Wich!""
  • Mike Berschback Franchisee Since 2013 "Our experience has been nothing buy positive. I have a lot of restaurant background, but it's really tailored for everything. There's so much involved in operating and marketing a restaurant, I can't imagine doing it without Which Wich. I really feel supported. Which Wich has a system where nothing falls through the cracks - and that's extremely helpful."
  • My Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    2 stores

    My Wich: Tomato and Avocado

    My Vibe: Painting

  • My Location: Atlanta, Georgia
    9 stores

    My Wich: Thank You Turkey

    My Vibe: Georgia Peach

  • My Location: Detroit, Michigan
    3 stores

    My Wich: Buffalo Chicken

    My Vibe: Made In Detriot

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World Sandwich Domination

At Which Wich®, we take sandwiches to a whole new level—it would only make sense for us to do the same with our franchises. To date, we will have more than 500 locations by the end of 2017 in 40 states and 10 countries, you could call us something of a big deal. Forbes even ranked us #6 out of more than 3,000 food chains for “Best Franchises in America!"

Our Vibes

We like to think of our five core Which Wich vibes as the heart and soul of our company. A graphic representation of our values, so to speak. Like art or music, they’re open to interpretation, so it’s up to you to assign a meaning.

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Our Vibes!

Our Vibes Were Around
Before emojis were cool.

  • Smile

    Happiness, Joy, Friends, Fun,
    Customer Service

  • Love

    Heart, Health, Soul, Giving,
    Caring, Warmth

  • Voice

    Music, Harmony, Creativity, Atmosphere,
    Sound, Vitality

  • Peace

    Mankind, Compassion,
    Tolerance, Unity

  • Global

    International, Environmental,
    Experience, Outreach

Awarded for our Superiority

At Which Wich®, we don’t do anything by halves – especially when it comes to our sandwiches! So when it came time to prove ourselves, we took a bite out of the competition. One of our proudest accomplishments is holding the Guinness World Record for the most sandwiches made in an hour! Still need more proof as to why we’re the superior choice? Check out our awards, which speak for themselves.

  • Fast Series 2016
  • Fast Series 2017
  • Franchise Time 2016
  • Franchise Times 2015
  • Restaurant Business
  • Top 100
  • Top 100
  • Fast Casual
  • Best Franchsies
  • Franchise 500 2017
  • Franchise 500 2016
  • Future 50 2016
  • Fastest Growing Franchise 2016