What We're All About

Each and every Which Wich® location is filled with positive values and good Vibes—five official Vibes to be exact. These Vibes represent what we hope to contribute to the communities where our storefronts are located. By spreading good Vibes, we are creating a positive feeling in the guest through our actions as an overflow of our philosophy. Our guests come to us for a stop in their daily routines—we want them to leave in an even better mood than when they walked into our doors.

Feel the Vibe

Our five official Vibes are some of the most important things that you, as a potential franchisee, can consider in the franchise process. If you identify with our passion for creativity, innovation, positivity and fun, chances are you’ll be a great fit.

These words symbolize our company Vibes:

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    Happiness, Joy, Friends, Fun, Quality Service

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    Heart, Health, Soul, Giving, Caring, Warmth

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    Music, Harmony, Creativity, Atmosphere, Sound, Vitality

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    Mankind, Compassion, Tolerance, Unity

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    International, Environmental, Experience, Outreach

We strive to spread these Vibes through superior sandwiches, friendly staff, a gleaming store, and exceptional service. If all these are in place, the Vibes just can’t be stopped.

Project PB&J

At Which Wich, we have a couple of programs in place to give back to our communities and help make the world a better place. Project PB&J®, helps bring nourishment and comfort to people around the world who could use a sandwich. Whether people are suffering from a natural disaster or a local organization needs a little help, our team proudly contributes PB&Js to the cause. Guests can support this cause by buying a PB&J and in return, our Which Wich team will give one sandwich locally and one globally.

  • Flag your Bag
  • Flag Your Bag
  • Which WIch - Flag Your Bag
  • Which WIch - Flag Your Bag
Project PB&J

Each year at Which Wich, we enlist the help of guests to show appreciation for members of the military and veterans. Flag Your Bag® is when guests use red and blue Sharpies® to decorate the back of our sandwich bags, which our teams then fill with treats and deliver to veterans and service members. Since 2010, Which Wich has sent out over 40,000 flagged bags around the world!

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