About Us

At the dawn of a new millennium—in 2003 to be exact—the very first Which Wich® was born. From the beginning, it was obvious that our founder, Jeff Sinelli, had created something especially tasty. Just two years after the first location opened, Which Wich was so successful that Jeff began awarding franchise rights to the company. To date, our sandwich empire has grown to include more than 500 deliciously awesome locations throughout the U.S. and countries around the globe by the end of 2017!

Let’s Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Our history is marked by milestones and accolades that have helped develop Which Wich into the industry-leading sandwich franchise it is today.

The Early Years:

  • December 2003: Which Wich opens its first location in Dallas, Texas.
  • February 2005: Which Wich opens its first franchise location.
  • June 2007: Which Wich was given the Hot Concepts! Award by Nation’s Restaurant News.
  • May 2008: Which Wich opens its 50th location.

The Teenage Years:

  • January 2010: Which Wich opens its 100th location.
  • March 2010: Guest dislocates jaw while biting into a double-meat Wicked®.
  • May 2010: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno mentions the dislocated jaw story in headlines segment and is covered by CNBC, The Huffington Post, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, & Maxim.
  • May 2010: Which Wich becomes the fastest growing restaurant chain in the U.S. and Canada according to Chain Store Guide.
  • August 2013: Which Wich opens its 250th location.

Modern Times:

  • January 2014: Which Wich launches Project PB&J.
  • March 2014: Which Wich opens stores in Dubai, Mexico, & Panama.
  • July 2014: Which Wich opens its 300th location.
  • January 2015: Which Wich breaks Guinness Book of World Record.
  • April 2015: Jeff Sinelli is featured on Cover QSR Magazine.
  • July 2015: Which Wich opens its 350th location.
  • October 2015: Which Wich expands in the Middle East.

Where We Are Today:

  • February 2016: Which Wich wins Breakout Star in Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • February 2016: Which Wich's new kids menu is recognized in Nation’s Restaurant News.
  • April 2016:Which Wich is named the inaugural winner of the Future 50 Pacesetter Award.
  • June 2016: Which Wich breaks Guinness Book of World Record for the second time.
  • June 2016:Which Wich innovation is recognized in Wall Street Journal.
  • July 2016: Which Wich opens its 400th store.

As Which Wich continues to grow over the years, we have become nationally and internationally recognized for our sandwiches, restaurant, community involvement, and franchise excellence. In our second decade as a company, we are focused on continuing our trajectory of success and sustaining our growth while keeping our values and company wide distinctions at the core of all we do—simply put, we are here to keep the sandwich Vibes awesome.

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