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Mississippi University Students Can Order Which Wich Robot Delivery Service

Part of the success behind the Which Wich sandwich franchise brand is innovation. Of course, we are always thinking of ways to improve our menus to draw more eaters to our franchise owners’ locations. But we also innovate in other ways, such as thinking of better ways for people to get our sandwiches.

A recent example of our brand innovation comes out of Mississippi, where robots are being implemented to get delicious eats to students with big appetites. At the University of Mississippi, students can now summon a Starship Technologies robotic food courier to bring them Which Wich sandwichs, as well as other bites from nearby eateries.

The 30 robotic food couriers can be summoned using the Starship Deliveries app. Eaters place a pin on a digital campus map, which tells the robot where to go once it has their food. After ordering a bite – the pickiest eaters will insist on ordering from Which Wich, of course – the robot rolls over to the eatery and waits patiently while the order is being prepared. Once the fully customizable sandwich is completed, a Which Wich team member places it inside the robot and sends it on its way. No one can unlock the robot’s food containment compartment except the person who placed the order since it is password locked.

Not only is this an exciting technological development, but it is also an amazing leap for the Which Wich sandwich franchise brand! We look forward to hearing about the success of the little rolling robots at Mississippi University. If the program looks promising, then it might be possible that Starship Technologies will expand the food delivery system to other cities or campuses. If Which Wich is in those new locations, then you can bet we’ll be interested in participating.

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