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  • Leena Khurana
    Leena Khurana Franchisee Since 2012 "Which Wich has been A Dream Come True For Me. It’s given me the chance to work with people and make a difference – it’s really what I wanted to do. It began from the time I walked in the store and met (Founder) Jeff Sinelli. He’s involved with his Brand and with franchisees. From day one, that was the catch for me."
    • My Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
      1 store

    • My Wich: Tomato and Avocado

    • My Vibe: Painting

  • CEFCO Food Stores
    CEFCO Food Stores Franchisee Since 2015 "We have a chain of convenience stores spread from the Panhandle of Texas all the way to the Panhandle of Florida totaling 240 locations. We currently have franchises of Sonic, Huddle House, Subway and Which Wich is becoming a big part of our portfolio. One of the reasons we keep growing with Which Wich is the support we get from the franchisor. -Sean Fatzinger"
    • My Location: Texas & Florida
      6 stores

    • My Wich: "Wicked Lettucewich"

    • My Vibe: Trinity Shamrock

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  • Bryan Holiday
    Bryan Holiday Franchisee Since 2014 "Which Wich has infused positivity into every level of the restaurant experience. Whether it's the music, the colors, the sandwich names, or even the team member applications, you'll find originality and positivity in everything Which Wich has created."
    • My Location: Alabama & Florida
      2 stores

    • My Wich: Pepperoni Pizzawich

    • My Vibe: Astronaut Salute

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  • Bijal Patel
    Bijal Patel Franchisee Since 2013 "First and foremost, I love the Brand, Creativity, and Vibe that we share. Which Wich was my opportunity to being a new concept to Hampton Roads and introduce it with my standards. It is fun every single day!"
  • Brij Patel
    Brij Patel Franchisee Since 2009 "Which Wich is a great brand, if you want to become a franchisee, Which Wich has a great business model, the support team is good, and the Return On Investment is very good too."
    • My Location: Chicago, Illinois
      3 stores

    • My Wich: Buffalo Chicken

    • My Vibe: Volleyball

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  • Div Patel
    Div Patel Franchisee Since 2009 "The Food! The Vibe! The People! There’s just nothing else like it. Which Wich provides me with solid proven business model that gives me the opportunity to earn great ROI."
  • Dr. Harry Patel
    Dr. Harry Patel Franchisee Since 2009 "I was a physician for 21 years and really loved food. Not just loving food, but service and helping people. I serviced people's health care needs for 21 years and wanted to service their dietary needs. I looked at different franchises and after spending time in a friend's location, I decided this is what I wanted to do. What Which Wich provides is basically a template, a protocol, and a manual and if you follow that template from day one, you are going to be successful."
  • Dan Hamby
    Dan Hamby Franchisee Since 2015 "I like running my own business, but love having all of the Which Wich support to help make it successful."
    • My Location: Portland, Oregon
      2 stores

    • My Wich: Ultimate BLT

    • My Vibe: Swimming, Volleyball, Football

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  • James Khan
    James Khan Franchisee Since 2015 "One of my favorite things about working with the Which Wich support team is how quick I get responses. I feel like if I have something going on and need an answer, I can rely on the support team to get back with me ASAP."
    • My Location: Arizona & California
      7 stores

    • My Wich: Chicken Pesto in a Spinach Wrap

    • My Vibe: Glasses

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  • JP Patel
    JP Patel Franchisee Since 2012 "Being able to grow with the brand at my own pace. Also like the support system built around the frachisee. I specially like the energy from the support center in building up our market with Which Wich."
  • Robert & Kari Fowler
    Robert & Kari Fowler Franchisee Since 2009 "Which Wich provides all the tools to be successful and a top notch support staff to come in and help you be successful especially if you have not been in the restaurant business or owned your own business before."
    • My Location: Grand Junction, Colorado
      2 stores

    • My Wich: Pepperoni Pizzawich

    • My Vibe: Flip Flops

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  • Seth Lyons
    Seth Lyons Franchisee Since 2012 "I started out by trying to locate a sandwich brand for Summit County Colorado and I spent a couple years going to ICSC in Las Vegas and met with the Jimmy Johns guys, I met with the Jersey Mikes guys, then I finally met with the Which Wich team and we kind of fell in love with each other and had a great relationship ever since. It has been a good marriage."
    • My Location: Colorado & New Mexico
      12 stores

    • My Wich: Cobb Salad Wrap

    • My Vibe: Buffalo Mountain

  • Tonya Salvucci
    Tonya Salvucci Franchisee Since 2014 "I love watching our team grow and being my own boss! The Which Wich Team has so much knowledge they are willing to give to you and they all want to see you succeed and are there for you all the time."
    • My Location: Des Moines, Iowa
      3 stores

    • My Wich: Grinder with Olive Salad

    • My Vibe: Elephant

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