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Our Secret to Sandwich-Fueled Success

No support system would be enough if we did not have a solid business model to begin with. Our founder, Jeff Sinelli, has years of experience in the restaurant industry prior to forming Which Wich?. You benefit from a turnkey business model that is tried and true and has enabled Which Wich? to grow to over 450 stores by the end of 2019 in 40 states and 11 countries.

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Check out five basic aspects of our business model:

Industry Leading Franchise Model

Based on the 2016 FUND report, Which Wich’s compounded historical success rate was 91.8% which accounts for all units entering and exiting the system throughout the full period. This placed Which Wich? in the top quintile among all concepts in franchising. Which Wich’s sustainable growth is highly related to its franchisee selection strategy. Our company spends the time and effort to ensure we choose the perfect franchisees and, in turn, strive to make our franchisees as successful as possible.

Successful Operations

You don’t need prior restaurant experience! Our thorough franchise training program covers everything you need to know about the business. Our approach is simple: We keep to the core business of making great “Wiches” fast and focus on giving our customers the ultimate sandwich experience. We’re also relentless in our pursuit of new ways to innovate and help franchisees connect with their customers and run stores more efficiently.

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Affordable To Open

We’ve designed our stores with cost in mind. We treat your investment as our own and work closely with our vendor partners to make sure we have the best possible pricing for our franchisees. By doing so, we’re able to maintain a low point of entry.

Dedicated Support and Tools

At Which Wich?, we understand that many of our franchisees are new to not only franchising, but restaurants as well. That’s why, since we first started franchising in 2005, we’ve spent the past decade developing and perfecting our Superior Support System. With experts in every aspect of franchising available to help, you’ll never be alone in the process.

Purchasing Power

As a franchise owner, you get to leverage Which Wich’s buying power in order to benefit from the negotiated pricing and terms. Superior purchasing power equates to greater profit margins for you.