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Second Which Wich Location Opening in Louisville

Dallas-based sandwich shop Which Wich is planning on opening its second location in Louisville. The innovative fast-casual chain currently has over 400 locations worldwide and continues to grow, giving consumers all over the globe a chance to customize their sandwiches in an innumerable amount of ways. Franchisee Jason Matzek stated the new location is expected to open on October 16, though it has yet to be finalized.

Prior to Which Wich’s first location in Louisville, Matzek said it seemed people were familiar with the brand despite not having a restaurant in the area. Once it opened, people flocked to it and he expects the new location will do even better, given its dense population and high traffic.

The space, which was once used for offices, underwent extensive construction for its transformation into a restaurant. It measures at about 2,000 square feet and can potentially seat about 65 diners.

From the outset, it was always Matzek’s plan to open two Which Wich locations in Louisville and, in fact, he signed a two-store agreement with the company, given his confidence in the brand and its appeal to consumers. However, don’t expect Matzek and his partners to stop at two Louisville shops. He believes the local market can actually handle at least seven or eight more Which Wich shops. As a widely recognized brand with a popular concept, it is no wonder Which Wich manages to flourish wherever it turns up.

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