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Dinner Time On the Rise Thanks to Delivery, Which Wich Moves to Capitalize

In recent years, less and less people are “having dinner.” Yes, people are still eating an evening meal, but technology, work, and distractions have made gathering around with friends and family to eat less popular. However, a quite-new trend of food delivery services like GrubHub is reversing the statistics and putting dinner time back on the rise. Additionally, tapping into the delicious offerings of local eateries and food franchise chains is also increasing.

For the most part, people head out to eat for lunch. Bringing people into eateries for dinner has been difficult as dinner time waned. Food delivery services have made it so simple for people to get whatever food they want brought right to their doorsteps. In turn, it is easier than ever for people to eat healthy or creatively at home.

Have Your Dinner With Which Wich

CEO and founder of Which Wich, Jeff Sinelli, recently spoke with Nation’s Restaurant News to talk about how his sandwich shop franchise company is planning on making innovations to capitalize on the growing dinner time trend. Most people know and love Which Wich as the go-to place for a fully-customized sandwich for lunch. Seeing how many people are now wanting incredible, fun, and healthy dinners delivered each night, he has started tinkering with new menu offerings to fill that demand.

At the forefront of Which Wich’s dinner ideas is the Pizzawich. There are two things people around the country and the world love: pizza and food made to their exact likings. The Pizzawich promises to hit both marks and bring attention to Which Wich for the dinner crowd. After all, ending a day with a pizza is something everyone can get behind. The details of the Pizzawich, though, remain company secret for the time being.

(You can learn more about the growing dinner time trend and how Which Wich is making moves to capture the market by clicking here and reading the full article from Nation’s Restaurant News.)

Make Hungry Mouths Happy In Your City with Which Wich

Entrepreneurs and restauranteurs who want to start a delicious new business that can attract crowds from breakfast to dinner may be the perfect candidates to join the Which Wich sandwich shop franchise family. We are always looking for new, promising franchisees to help us set up shop in new neighborhoods. We know that our success depends on that of our franchisees — out of the 430+ locations, only two of them are company-owned, after all — so we go above and beyond what is expected by providing “best in class support” from our corporate teams.

Get more information about Which Wich, or get started on applying for a franchise location of your own, by calling (888) 668-8026 now.

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