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Meet the Top Line at Which Wich: Get to Know Our CEO & President

Which Wich is one of the most popular sandwich franchise companies in the United States. We even have locations and franchise owners in other countries!

What is the secret to our success? The truth is there are a lot of factors that come together to make the Which Wich dream a reality, including great guidance from our top-line leaders: founder and CEO Jeff Sinelli and President Cherry Hearn. To know more about how our company operates and thrives, it helps to know more about these two people.

Get to Know CEO Jeff Sinelli

Our founder and CEO Jeff Sinelli saw great success with another franchise company, Genghis Grill. Afterward, he wanted to tackle another similar industry that was growing incredibly quickly: sandwich shops. Bringing all that he learned from his previous business ventures and a healthy helping of innovation, he set out on creating Which Wich, starting with just a logo and a business card.

In no small thanks to his wife, Courtney, Jeff dug in to build Which Wich from the ground up. He likens the experience to an underdog story because the odds certainly felt against him. There were already so many recognizable sandwich shop brands hoarding the market, so making Which Wich standout was going to be a challenge.

The experience taught him that a successful entrepreneur is one who is all-in when it comes to every aspect of their business. If you cannot commit your heart and soul to your company, neither will your employees nor your customers. Today, he tells budding entrepreneurs and franchise owners to gather a reliable team, be loud enough to get your business noticed, and to be obsessed with what they are doing. He is also adamant about the “pay it forward” concept, which teaches us to be thankful for what you have and to show that thanks by helping others who are now where you once were.

With such a strong business mind and drive, you might be surprised to learn that Jeff is an avid lacrosse player. He played back in college before going pro. Recently, he took up the active, competitive sport again, something many said could not be done since he is now 50. It is just another way that Jeff is always going out of his way to surprise people and push himself to greater heights!

(You can learn more about CEO Jeff Sinelli by clicking here and viewing a full article from Thrive Global.)

Learn a Little More About President Cherry Hearn

The Which Wich family recently celebrated Cherry Hearn’s promotion to President. Her amazing journey with Which Wich began as a legal consultant in the sandwich shop franchise’s infancy stages. As the franchise grew, though, she hopped in as one of the first franchise owners. From her position as a legal consultant, she was able to see firsthand the potential the franchise had, and she wanted to be a part of it.

Today, her experience as a franchisee lets her see the bigger picture and the fine details clearly as the President of Which Wich. She has been where every franchise owner has been before, so she knows the best ways to handle unexpected situations and to turn every day into a success.

From her position on the top line, she has witnessed Which Wich grow, expand, and innovate. When she first got to know Jeff Sinelli and consult with him about his business, Which Wich looked a little different than it does today. The heart of the business is still the same, but changes have come and gone in the pursuit of excellence. For example, the look of the franchise is just about the same, but now multiple locations can offer delicious, fresh French fries to their hungry patrons.

No matter what the future holds for Which Wich, Cherry wants to be there in some capacity. The franchise company has taught her a lot, including the importance of a human connection with customers. When people walk into any franchise location, no matter what sandwich they order, they get genuine hospitality from friendly faces. What better way to spend a day than brightening the day of others?

(You can learn more about President Cherry Hearn by clicking here and viewing a full article from Food Service Equipment & Supplies magazine. Cherry’s article begins on page 20.)

Join a Leading Team of Sandwich Franchise Owners

Which Wich is growing in thanks to the success of our franchise owners and the guidance of our CEO, President, and others. If you want to be a part of the entrepreneurial action, call our franchise development team at (888) 668-8026 today. You can also get started by checking our steps to ownership and market availability in your area.

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